Leo Ding

Who Is Leo?

Leo is a student. He is hoping to become a writer. He's very creative.

Leo is quick witted. He is a dog lover. He's his very worst critic.

Leo is a day dreamer. A wood worker. A piano player.

Leo is always cracking wise. Always down to improvise. Always thinking about how to advertise.

Leo is a Leo.

Leo is worrying as he is typing this very sentence that he's coming off annoying and spouting nonsense like an amateur writer.

Leo is wondering and he is trying to avoid acceptance that he's better off writing an About Me that's like all of the others.


2020 NAC Fall Big Ideas Student Competition

Bronze - Nabob The Northern Blend

2020 ADCC Student Competition

Bronze - Penguin Tea Reading

2020 D&AD New Bloods Competition

Graphite Pencil - Nike Tryouts

2019 March Young Shits Competition

Shortlist - No Frills Food for Though


What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses?

Biggest strengths would definitely be optimism, extroversion, improvisation and problem solving, as well as using words for things.

Biggest weaknesses would be crippling attention span and 

What are you listening to right now?

Lots of Mac Miller and Anderson Paak. 

The new Busta Rhymes album. 

The less new but latest Jacob Collier album.

Do you even have experience in advertising?

Yes! Here's a quick CV.

The New Kid Collective
Fall 2020 - Present

Research Assistant 
Summer 2020 - Present

Leo Burnett Toronto
Intern Copywriter
Summer 2019 - Fall 2019

What woodworking projects do you have going on?

Wood has taken a seat to surviving a pandemic and consequently, I am no longer going into the woodshop. Now it's just waiting for Woodshop Simulator to drop on Steam so I can virtually cut, sand, and finish wood.

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