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Cheffin' It | No Frills

A Fresh Take On Home Cooking

To young adults, home cooking can seem like an intimidating skill requiring vast amounts of knowledge they never learned. However, No Frills believes that cooking, like all things in life, can be done without the frills. So let's create an online resource that helps non-cooks become home-cooks.


Alvin Zheng

The main Cheffin' It website shows the message of the campaign and includes a variety of tools to help you cheff it. Tools made with the user (especially the young, busy, and new to the adulting scene kind of user) in mind.

The Recipe Book is sorted not by style of cuisine, but by the situation that you would cook them in.

What's The Cost shows you the low cost of cooking a meal fit for restaurants, with No Frills ingredients.

Cheff My Fridge takes the ingredients in currently in your fridge, and shows you what you can make.

Cheffin' It Live hopes to show viewers the fun of cooking, especially with a friend, using amateur cooks.

Resturante Du-Cheffin' is a unique experience where you cook your own date night meal in a learning kitchen.

All the resources on the website have been adapted for mobile browsers.

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