Leo Ding

Creative Die-rectors

Creative Die-rectors is a modern analogue solution to some of the biggest challenges advertisers face in their day to day. For junior creatives, it could be not getting enough quality time with your creative directors working from home. For creative directors, it could be being too busy to give creative direction. For me, it's being my worst critic but always having to figure out the perfect thing to say that'll bring out my best work. Well, those problems exist no longer with Creative Die-rectors. Handcrafted with real wood by machines in China, all you need to do is roll these blocks to receive all the guidance you need, perfectly articulated as if spoken from a loving CD themselves.

The OG Set

The original flavour of Creative Dice, this set is great at giving you a random direction to improve your project. Perfect for those looking for a little guidance.

Yes, But...

This first expansion to Creative Die-rectors brings added Creative Director energy with a new twist on the old "yes and". Perfect for those headed in the right direction but looking to push themselves a little further.


Sometimes you just know that an idea is a bad one, but you can't bring yourself to say it. Fortunately, you have these dice to say it for you, and they know just how to word it. Perfect for those that take being their worst critic to a new level. 

Inspirational Quotes

Just starting a homemade project from scratch? In need of some inspiration to get the ball rolling? This set knows exactly how to get the creative juices rolling. Perfect for those desperate to procrastinate getting started.

Productive Questions

Sometimes a project needs a little "je ne sais quoi". These dice actually ne sais pas how to help your project, but they can certainly ask you questions. Perfect for those that like to figure things out themselves.

Useful(?) Advice

A big downside to working from home is not being able to just chat and get some advice. But now you can roll this die as you brew your fifth batch of coffee.  Perfect for those that want to nod, say thanks, then go back to what they're doing.


Sometimes we all need our souls crushed and our hearts Bautista Bombed into the bottom of our stomachs. These set is perfect at not necessarily saying anything mean, but effectively making you feel worthless. Perfect for masochists.


It may not be much from an emotional or linguistic perspective, but it's verbal crack for a junior creative. Yes, we all simp for approval and this set gives you the dose you need to keep going.  Perfect for those that need a little love.

That's Not All Folks!

Your set of dice comes in an adorable miniature burlap sack with my name and contact information on it. In case you'd like to hear a human voice or you're looking for an creative opinion or helping had with your project. 

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